Why do men suck?

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Why do men suck? Empty Why do men suck?

Post  hamsturd on Sat Jul 23, 2011 5:31 pm

Bird Turd,

I recently went out on a date with a man from the burbs. While at the bar I discovered I am pretty awesome and he should be lucky to date me. All kidding aside, he asked me out for the following Friday night and I accepted. After a pretty intense make-out session by my vehicle he tried to get 'er done, which I politely declined. We exchanged minimal text messages prior to the Friday night arrangement, but nothing important. By 5:30 on Friday I messaged the hamster (oh, did I mention he resembled a hamster?) and informed him that I assumed I was making other plans. Said hamster responded that he had company coming over to see his new pad, but we could hang out after or he would meet me later. I responded with "oh, I thought we had plans." My question is; why are men such douche bags and what's a girl gotta do to land one?


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Why do men suck? Empty duh

Post  2sexxy4u on Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:12 pm

Men suck quite simply bc we allow them to. Besides do u really want to land a man like that? Quite simply he was not that into u after u shot him down for a ride on the hamster wheel. Next!


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Why do men suck? Empty Re: Why do men suck?

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 24, 2011 3:06 pm


First off, you just realized that you were awesome for the first time while at the bar? Maybe you were just drunk.

Referring to coitus as "gettin er done" is ridiculous and from here on out outlawed on this site. In fact, anything that derives from the blue collar comedy tour, especially Jeff Foxworthy, is outlawed.

I am sorry to hear that this jabroni ditched you, which he did. It kinda sucks, but at least it happened now, and not when you were together for a little while. Being that you just recently found out you were awesome, I would assume you have pretty low self esteem. Unfortuantely, what that means for you, is that it is going to be a lot harder for you to decline his invitation for you to come over the next time. Be strong, and dont do it. There are plenty of guys around that I am sure wouldnt blow you off.

And, why were you not invited to his housewarming party type thing? It is very apparent that he only wanted one thing form you.

I dont have any tried and true way on how to land a guy, as I am straight. But some things that work on me are as follows:

1) Dont talk so much
2) Show an interest in something other than your phone
3) Talk about something other than how all your friends are bitches and how much you hate them
4) Do some things that you dont want to do but you know he does
5) Show some interest in what he is interested in
6) Dont talk so much

Other than that, I have nothing more for you. Good Luck and keep this Hamster looking guy away from Richard Gere.


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Why do men suck? Empty Re: Why do men suck?

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