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Post  yessir on Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:15 pm

What are your views on using online dating sites to get laid? Predatory or convenient?


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Post  Admin on Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:53 pm


That is s delightful question to ask. As far as I know, there are certain dating sites that are set up just for getting laid. An ex girlfriend of mine had a hooker and bitch of a roomate who met her now fiance on a website that was meant for just meeting up and bangin. In my opinion, it would all depend on the type of website you go to.

I have another friend that works for an online dating service that actually goes out of their way to make real matches based on certain personality traits and extensive background checks.

I would also have to say that as far as being predatory, that is a bit harsh. When I think of predatory, I think of banging little kids and date raping. If two people meet online and decide to bang, it is consentual and there is nothing predatory about it.

However, if you are like me, and enjoy slipping the occasional rufie into your dates drink and taking her home and doing unnatural things to her with your dog, a 9 iron and a double edged razor, only to leave her in her bath tub full of ice cubes minus her kidneys, that could be considered predatory. (of course i am only serious).

But all in all, I would have to say that it takes two to tango. There is nothing predatory about online dating unless it is malicious.

As far as convenience, there is never anything convenient about any type of relationship. Anyone who says that their relationship is convenient isnt really in a relationship at all.


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